Packaging for App-V and MSIX

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NEW Expert Training
From Tim Mangan
Only in Arrow ECS

The five-day course covers all aspects of Microsoft App-V and MSIX.
The training is designed for administrators of classic desktops, but also for virtual desktop administrators managed by native Microsoft technologies, or extending tools such as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or VMware Horizon View to address the lifecycle of applications from testing, delivery, configuration, patching, updates to after their removal from the production environment.

After attending, you will understand:
• The fundamental concepts of repackaging applications.
• How to recognize application integrations and features,
• Fundamental concepts of Application Virtualization and Application Containers.
• Options on implementing delivery or virtualized/containerized applications.
• Package formats and requirements
• Setting up Packaging and Testing VMs.
• Integrating with Citrix, SCCM, and Windows Store for Business/Intune
• Advanced Concepts in App-V
• How to determine the key details of application interfaces.
• Our Best Practices in App-V Sequencing.
• App-V Scripting.
• Unit Testing Best Practices
• Advanced App-V package analysis.
• How to deal with plug-ins and Connection Groups.
• How to debug App-V packages.
• Our Best Practices in MSIX Packaging using Microsoft Tooling
• Our Best Practices in MSIX Packaging using Third Party Tooling.
• Our techniques for working with the PSF.
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